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C Hammond, Burns OR

old days, old ways

Winter's Ridge

Beside the Snowstorm Mts. a long ridge exists
A daunting wildness about this landmark persists

Majestic and stately looming in the Autumn air
Several miles long where the wild horses dare

"Horse Heaven" an alias buckaroo's have named
Whatever the season its beauty is never maimed

Steep sides and flat along the top it's plain to see
A lookout place wild horses use til it's time to flee

The Double Square, CS and TJ brands would ride
One is never lost with this monument by his side

Wild cattle graze upon the long bunch grass there
Between Midas and Calico it rises mighty and fair

Feel the freshness of the desert morning stewing
A wild horse haven, springs with water spewing

The smell of horses where thousands have tread
Red roans and bays, paints and blacks have fed

It's guided the pioneers, hunters and the buckaroos
Forever speaking out from any direction you choose

_______by C.F. Hammond 3.1.07

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Willow Corral (pen & ink)

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Carl Hammond, founder
Buckaroo Heritage
Western Art Roundup

est 1983, Winnemucca NV

Carl Hammond, founder
Buckaroo Hall of Fame
est 1988, Winnemucca NV

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Buckaroo Artist, Carl F Hammond
traditional Buckaroo lifestyle, art and gear

Carl Hammond, buckaroo artist, was born in Winnemucca and raised on the Hot Springs Ranch located in Humboldt County in northern Nevada. The large ranch was part of a desert cattle operation started by Carl's pioneer Great Grandfather in the 1800's. Carl started going on the open range roundups with his dad when he was seven years old. He grew up learning old time horseman skills listening to older Vaqueros at cow camps; some of the best Buckaroos of that time. Carl has continued to honor & preserve the legacy of the buckaroo by living it. His lifetime of buckarooing & ranching provides the heritage reflected in his artwork; bronze sculptures, paintings and drawings. His hand crafted horsehair mecates and silverwork (spade bits & buckaroo spurs) reflect the time honored exquisite craftsmanship handed down by great horsemen. Cowboy poetry & auctioneering round out Carl's buckaroo way of life.

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Winter's Ridge

oil;  edition 750
unmatted 18" x 24"
matted 20" x 26"

Winter's Ridge
bronze;  edition 25
L:15" x W:9" x H:27"

Carl at his Gallery show at Western Art Heritage Roundup

Carl & exhibit at a gallery showing in Oregon, 2006

Carl continues to preserve western heritage in art on a larger scale with the Buckaroo Heritage Western Art Roundup in Winnemucca NV which he began and has held annually every Labor Day weekend since 1983.

Later, in 1988, Carl also founded the Buckaroo Hall of Fame and Heritage Museum where buckaroo legends from the Great Basin area are inducted annually over Labor Day weekend, in conjunction w/ "the Roundup." Make your plans now to attend this historical Buckaroo gathering.

Buckaroo Artist, Carl F Hammond
traditional Buckaroo lifestyle, art and gear

Carl F Hammond

Burns OR
home phone: 541-573-2921
cell phone:    541-420-7882

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